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Product Guide

Mini-ITX EmBoard

ITX-QM77 Intel Ivy Bridge

ITX-QM67 Intel Sandy Bridge

ITX-6M45 Intel GM45 Penryn

ITX-6965 GME965 Platform

ITX-6900 915GME Platform

ITX-6815 855GMR Platform

ITX-6810 855GME Platform


Networking EmBoard

EMB-5940 Core2 Duo Mobile

EMB-5740 VIA C7-Eden

EMB-5842 Intel Pentium M


Multimedia EmBoard

EMB-5930 Core2 Duo Mobile

EMB-5730 VIA C7 CX700M

EMB-5830 Intel Pentium M


3.5" Compact EmBoard

EMB-3700 VIA C7 CX700M


Tiny-Bus Module

Graphics / Video Extension

PCI Express based Extension

PCI-based Extension

1U 2-Slot PCI/PCIe Extension

DC/ATX Power Converter

Accessory / Develop Tool


1U Slim Add-on Card

1uPCIe Intel Gigabit Ethernet

1uPCI Intel Gigabit Ethernet

1uPCI IEEE 1394a FIreWire


Barebone Solution

Rackmount Mini-ITX Platform

Wallmount Mini-ITX Platform

Industrial Compact Platform


Industrial Peripheral

DC/ATX Power Converter

AC/DC Power Supply Unit

Industrial CPU Cooler

Solid State Flash Disk (SSD)


ODM / OEM Service

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Customized ODM/OEM Service

In order to meet the market's real demand and provide the suitable solution, Liantec offers the board level and system / barebones level industrial PC customized design and integration service for the IPC market. Based on Liantec professional ODM/OEM service, the customers will earn the competitive advantages with the effective reduction of the total system cost and time-to-market.

Not only for the system integrators, Liantec also offers the ODM/OEM service to the VAR (Value Added Reseller), VAI (Value Added Integrator), the world-wide and/or local IPC distributors and customers. Help the customers built up their own advantages is Liantec's cusromized ODM/OEM conception, and it is also the mission of service the industrial PC market.

Liantec ODM/OEM service is based on the PC-based (x86 CPU architecture) boards and systems for the a wide range of industrial application. It includes, but not limits as the below.

ODM Service for Complete Customized Design and Manufacturing

  • x86 PC-based industrial motherboard and related daughter board.
  • PICMG, ISA, PISA, PCI SBC (Single Board Computer) / SHB (System Host Board).
  • AT, ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, Mini-ITX and customized motherboard.
  • Embedded 5.25" / 3.5" Drive-size EBX motherboard.
  • Embedded ETX, COMe CPU core module and customized carrier board.
  • Industrial PC/104(-plus) CPU core module and extension function module.
  • Industrial embedded Tiny-Bus extension module.
  • Industrial ultra low profile add-in card.
  • Industrial embedded DC/DC and AC/DC power board.
  • Industrial ISA, PISA, and 32-bit/64-bit PCI PICMG passive / active backplane.
  • Industrial heavy-duty steel / aluminum chassis and enclosure.
  • For the further information about the ODM/OEM service, please contact with

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