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Liantec Announce DCM-100 and DCM-150 DC/DC Power Converter
Features Powerful 100/150W, Protected and Multiple ATX Power Output

Liantec DCM DC/DC ATX Power Converter

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005 (TAIPEI) Liantec Systems Corporation announces two new embedded DC/DC converter, the Liantec DCM-100 and DCM-150. The DCM-100 supports 11.5VDC to 30.0VDC of power input to meet the car-PC application, and the DCM-150 supports 150W of power capacity for the power-used application. Both of them provides the multiple ATX power output including the 3.3V, 5V, 12V, -12V and 5V standby for the industrial and consumer PC motherboards.

Meet the Intel Pentium 4 Based Platform

To meet the power requirement of Intel Pentium 4 based PC systems, the power capacity on +12VDC plays the most important role rather than old Pentium-III and VIA C3 based platform. For mobile Intel Pentium 4 - M and Pentium M based systems, the power requirement on +12V is 2.50A at least; and desktop Intel Pentium 4 based systems need much more. To solve this problem, the Liantec DCM-100 offers 4A and DCM-150 offers 8A at +12V power output to drive the Intel Pentium 4 based systems and other devices.

Powerful 5V Standby Output for USB Based Device

Most of the USB-based devices use the 5Vsb (5V standby) power input. The 5Vsb power output of Liantec DCM-100 and DCM-150 DC/DC offers 8A totally shared with +5V power output. It means the system integrators can use the 5Vsb power up to 8A MAX for the USB-based HDD, touch panel, and other power-used USB-based devices.

Wide-range 11.5 to 30.0 VDC Input for Car-PC Application

For the car-PC, the power converter should support +12V or +24V DC power input. The Liantec DCM-100 offers the wide range of 11.5 to 30.0 VDC input for most of the car-PC application. Not only the power input, the Liantec DCM-100 and DCM-150 also provides the ESD and power over / under voltage protection on all of the power output to protect the car-PC systems.

Flexible External Mini-DIN or Pin Header Power Input Interface

The Liantec DCM-100 and DCM-150 offers the option of external mini-DIN power jack and pin header on the power input interface for the requirement of systems. For the compact PC platform, the external power jack will be the ideal solution for the space-saving system. For the car-PC and industrial platform, the internal power pin header will be the suitable solution for the flexible system configuration.

About Liantec DCM-100 and DCM-150

DCM-100 : 100W DC/DC ATX Output Power Converter

DCM-150 : 150W DC/DC ATX Output Power Converter

  • Power Input :

    11.5 - 30.0 VDC Power Input for DCM-100

    19.0 - 24.0 VDC Power Input for DCM-150

    External 4-pin Mini-DIN power jack or internal 3-pin power connector

  • Power Output :

    +3.3V with 5A MAX

    +5V with 8A MAX (shared with 5Vsb)

    +12V with 4A MAX for DCM-100; +12V with 8A MAX for DCM-150

    -12V with 0.2A MAX

    5Vsb with 8A MAX (shared with 5V)

    Over / Under Voltage Protection: All Power Output

    ESD Protection: All power Output

  • Dimension : 45 x 165 x 15 mm (W x L x H)

For the further information about the DCM-100 and DCM-150 series, please visit the website at

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Liantec Systems Corporation is major in the industrial PC-based embedded computing platform and solution. With the professional R&D and QA teams, Liantec designs, manufactures and markets the board-level, system-level and integration industrial embedded computer products and service for the world-wide embedded IPC/SBC, distributors and system integrators who seek to automate or upgrade their solution easily and cost effectively. Liantec also provides the customized ODM and OEM service for the wide range of industrial embedded computing platform and solution providers.

For further information about Liantec please visit our website at

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