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Liantec Announce ITX-6800 Mini-ITX Pentium M / Centrino Platform
Features the Tiny-Bus Embedded AGP / PCI / DVO-based Expansibility

Liantec ITX-6800 Mini-ITX Intel Pentium M EmBoard with Tiny-Bus Modular Expansion Solution

Monday, May 9, 2005 (TAIPEI) Liantec Systems Corporation announces the new embedded mini-ITX board, the ITX-6800, based on Intel mobile Pentium M / Centrino platform.  With the features of Intel's mobile CPU technology, Liantec ITX-6800 offers the advanced PC-based computing solution for the industrial embedded x86 PC-based application.

In spite of the features of Intel mobile Pentium M platform, the Liantec ITX-6800 provides the integrated LVDS interface, onboard optional single  / dual Gigabit Ethernet , bootable USB 2.0, optional 1394 Firewire and SATA interfaces for value-added application. With these features, Liantec ITX-6800 should be the ideal solution for POS/POI, Kiosk, ATM, LCD PC, thin client, transaction and multimedia workstation, Panel PC, car PC, book-size and slim-type PC, STB (Set-Top-Box) and industrial compact computing platform.

To meet the wide range of application well, Liantec ITX-6800 offers the unique feature of AGP / DVO / PCI-based embedded board-to-board flexible expansibility. With this feature, Liantec ITX-6800 can be expanded easily ot have a niche modular interface daughterboard to meet the demand of application. Now Liantec offers some standard modules including the DVO-based SDTV, HDTV and DVI for multimedia application, PCI-based mini-PCI and PCMCIA for WLAN, multiple Ethernet and switch hub for networking application, video capture and MPEG for DVR, PVR and net-meeting application, and some other feature modules for the customized ODM / OEM projects.

Compact Mini-ITX Form Factor at 170 x 170 mm

Liantec ITX-6800 is based on the ultra compact mini-FlexATX / Mini-ITX form factor at 170 x 170 mm of dimension, meets the demand of compact and powerful computing platform. With the compact board size, Liantec ITX-6800 can meet most of the industrial embedded PC-based computing application.

Mobile Intel Pentium M / Centrino Platform

Based on the Intel latest technology on the mobile solution, Liantec ITX-6800 is integrated with Intel Pentium M CPU with 400 MHz FSB and 2MB L2 advanced transfer cache. For ultra low power / fan free application, Liantec ITX-6800 can also provides the solution with Intel new Celeron M 600 MHz CPU with under 10W of power consumption. 

Onboard LVDS, 1394 Firewire, SATA, Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces

In spite of the features of Intel 855 / 852 chipset, Liantec ITX-6800 also offers the advanced features with the optional onboard interface, including LVDS for TFT LCD, IEEE 1394 Firewire, bootable SATA and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for embedded all-in-one application.

Embedded Liantec Tiny-Bus AGP / DVO / PCI-based Flexible Expansibility

Liantec ITX-6800 offers the unique feature of embedded AGP / DVO / PCI-based flexible expansibility with board-to-board modular interface daughterboard. With this feature, the system integrator can expand the platform easily with an additional function module on the motherboard within the same dimension. The customized niche platform based on the existing Liantec ITX-6800 and the embedded AGP / DVO / PCI-based modules will also make the project going smoothly for the ODM / OEM project.

About Liantec ITX-6800

Mini-ITX Mobile Intel Pentium M / Centrino Embedded Motherboard

with VGA, LVDS, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 5.1-CH and S/P DIF Audio

Optional Dual Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 1394 Firewire, Bootable SATA Interface

and Embedded AGP / DVO / PCI-based Board-to-board Flexible Expansibility

  • Form Factor: Mini-FlexATX / Mini-ITX form factor with 170 x 170 mm (W x L) of dimension

  • CPU: Mobile Intel Pentium M / Celeron M CPU

  • DRAM: 1 GBytes DDR SDRAM on one 184-pin DIMM socket

  • Chipset: Intel 855 / 852 GMCH and ICH4

  • PCI Enhanced IDE: One 40-pin and one 44-pin IDE port for both of desktop and slim type ATAPI devices.

  • SATA Interface: Onboard optional Serial ATA (SATA) interface with 150 MBps of data transfer bandwidth, bootable and hot-swappable.

  • VGA Interface: Intel 855 / 852 GMCH built-in Extreme Graphics VGA core with Intel Dynamic Video Memory up to 64 MBytes shared with system memory

  • LVDS Interface: Onboard single/dual channel 18-/24-bit LVDS interface for TFT LCD with up to 1600 x 1200 of resolution

  • Ethernet Interface: Onboard optional single / dual Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • 5.1-Channel & S/P DIF AC97 3D audio

  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface with 480 Mbps of data transfer rate, four external USB ports on rear I/O panel and two internet USB ports.

  • Onboard optional IEEE 1394 interface with 100/200/400 Mbps of data transfer rate.

  • Embedded AGP / DVO / PCI-based Flexible Expansibility with board-to-board modular interface daughterboard.

  • Expansive Interface: one PCI slot up to two bus master PCI expansive slots via riser card.

For further information about the ITX-6800 series, please visit the website at

Available Information of ITX-6800

The ITX-6800 is under mass production and on stock now. For further OEM and ODM service based on the existent ITX-6800, including the niche AGP / DVO / PCI-based modules, system integration, pre-installed OS and other customized service, Liantec is ready to do the ODM / OEM service to help the customers built up the niche, advanced and special industrial computing platform to meet the demand of application.

For further information about price, questions, inquiry and ODM/OEM service, please contact with Liantec by the following ways. 

(TEL) +886-2-82272189

(FAX) +886-2-82272193

About Liantec

Liantec Systems Corporation is major in the industrial PC-based embedded computing platform and solution. With the professional R&D and QA teams, Liantec designs, manufactures and markets the board-level, system-level and integration industrial embedded computer products and service for the world-wide embedded IPC/SBC, distributors and system integrators who seek to automate or upgrade their solution easily and cost effectively. Liantec also provides the customized ODM and OEM service for the wide range of industrial embedded computing platform and solution providers.

For further information about Liantec please visit our website at

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